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At APARGLe ,  we provide a complete bookkeeping service including general ledger and journal entry maintenance, bank statement reconciliation, and receivables and payables tracking.

Proper day to day recording of transactions is critical to any business.  Improperly classified or registered transactions can give an incorrect view of how your business is operating.  Worse, it can lead to improper financial filings which, in turn, can lead to government and legal issues.


APARGLe will work with you and go over your books.  We will work with your personnel to see how items are registered and ensure that any irregularities are rectified.  We will properly record and manage the financials transactions of your  day to day business. 


Many people have taught themselves bookkeeping and do it in "their own way".  This may appear to work but, in reality, is causing you to misunderstand and misrepresent your profitability. We can work with your employees to improve their methodology so it conforms with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). By teaching them the correct methods of recording transactions, you do not take on the recurring cost of fixing the same errors year after year during tax season.


Speak to us today to see how we can work with you to take on projects that you or your staff do not have the knowledge or the time to properly address.

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